Want the perfect smile, but you don't want braces?

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Invisalign Teen is an excellent choice for our teenage patients that are interested in improving their smiles without braces. The advancements in clear aligner technology is no longer reserved for our adult patients!

Does one of these sound like you?

  • All my friends have already had braces!

  • I want to be able to eat whatever I want and not be worried about breaking my braces.

  • I don't want to have braces in my senior pictures!

  • I don't want to go to college with braces!

  • I don't want to cheer/play my instrument with braces!

Invisalign Teen aligners may be a perfect fit for your lifestyle, because aligners are clear, removable, super comfortable, and customized just for you!

Attention parents! (Some factors you need to consider)

Why does Dr. Henry love Invisalign Teen? In a word -- hygiene! It is so much easier for your teenager to keep his/her teeth and gums healthy with Invisalign Teen compared to braces. While most of our patients with braces do really well keeping their braces clean, having excellent oral hygiene is a struggle for some of our braces patients! The ability to more easily practice good oral hygiene with Invisalign Teen (compared with braces) is a huge plus for our clear aligner patients!

Certain types of malocclusions or "bite issues" may still be best corrected with traditional braces or other appliances. Sometimes orthodontic treatment is necessary prior to all of the permanent erupting, and Invisalign Teen may not be the best treatment option at the time. 

Your child's diet will definitely be more of a concern with traditional braces compared with Invisalign Teen. You don't have to worry about your son or daughter breaking their brackets (and the time away from school/work associated with the breakage) with Invisalign Teen.

Another important factor to consider is compliance. Remember, Invisalign Teen is a removable appliance that your teenager will be required to wear (and keep up with) all the time except for eating a brushing! You know your child better than anyone. Ask yourself:  will my child be responsible enough to wear their aligners approximately 20-22 hours a day and not lose them?

How can I know what treatment option is best for my teenager?

The only way to know is to come see us! At your first visit, we will do a thorough, comprehensive initial exam to help determine the treatment options, treatment time, and discuss various payment arrangements for your child's treatment -- all at no cost to you or your insurance!


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