Virtual Consultation

What is Henry Orthodontics’ Virtual Consultation option?

Simply put, it’s a free and easy way for Dr. Henry to evaluate your smile and give you some treatment options — all before you even come to the office! We realize that our patients have busy lives, and the Virtual Consult option is something you can do anytime from anywhere.

How does it work?

All you need to start your Virtual Consultation is your cell phone! Click on the Virtual Consult window on our website and get the process started! Our software is super easy to use. It will prompt you for some basic identifying information: name, age, and email address. It will guide you through the process of taking five selfies on your phone to submit. You don’t have to download anything to your device. It’s so easy! Our Virtual Consultation is a very secure HIPAA-compliant platform. After submitting your photos and basic information to Dr. Henry, he will get back to you—typically the same day—with information regarding the best treatment options to improve your smile!

Why use the Virtual Consultation feature?

While an in-office complimentary face-to-face consultation at Henry Orthodontics is part of the process for all of our patients prior to starting treatment, many of our patients have liked the option of starting the conversation with our office through the Virtual Consultation process. Dr. Henry is able let you know a time frame of how long your treatment will take. You may wonder if you are a candidate for Invisalign®; Dr. Henry can give you that answer through the Virtual Consult process! If you are busy at work, out of town, unable to take off from school for a while, or for whatever reason want to hear from Dr. Henry about your treatment options prior to coming for an in-person appointment, try the Henry Orthodontics Virtual Consultation!

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